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Structure: The Supreme Soviet

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Structure: The Supreme Soviet Empty Structure: The Supreme Soviet

Post by Dominik on Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:20 pm


1. Brent (current Chairman), elected April 17, 2010
2. Alyssa, elected April 17, 2010
3. Maria, elected April 17, 2010
4. Romar, elected April 17, 2010

The Supreme Soviet is the "legislative branch" of the YAS, so to speak. They approve decisions made by the President and introduce their own suggestions which they vote on. They can also vote to hold a general vote on an issue if it is deemed important enough. They also have the power to call a presidential election given at least 3 out of the 4 Soviet members agree. Their decision is handed down through the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet (a sort of Speaker of the House) who serves for 4 months or until he/she is defeated in an election/decides to step down.

Here is an explanation of the electoral process for Soviet members that shall be followed from here on:

Any YAS member wishing to become a Soviet member must first gather 3 signatures from fellow members and must then face the oldest sitting representative in a head to head election. Let's say that this is the current make-up of the council including dates of election (in the April 2010 election the dates will all be the same so we'll use number of votes instead):

1. Tom, April 27
2. Lisa, April 14
3. Frank, March 30
4. Bob, March 20

In the above scenario, Bob is the oldest sitting member. Let's say, on May 9, Angela wants to become a Representative; after she acquires the number of signatures she needs, she can face the oldest sitting representative, kind of like a challenge. In this case, the oldest representative is Bob. There is an election between Bob and Angela. Let's say Bob wins- he immediately becomes the newest sitting rep. The council looks like this:

1. Bob, May 9
2. Tom, April 27
3. Lisa, April 14
4. Frank, March 30

There will need to be a period of 14 days before another election can be held and a 30 day period before Angela can contest another election. However, Frank is now the oldest sitting SR. The next person that wants to become a SR must face Frank in an election. Bob can't be challenged again until all the other reps ahead of him are challenged (unless they resign, of course, which would create a bi-election for the number of positions vacant because of resignations).

Anyways, that's the system I've come up with. It ensures a semi-rotating membership but still requires people to earn their position.

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